Ocean Shore village.
Named after a famed fisherman.

Village’s Deity: Nut

Population: 900 (99% Human, 1% Other)
Item Level: 2
Main industry: fishing, farming, carpentry, and husbandry.

Regional Nomarch: Amon-Nut

Leader: Khorri – Male Human Merchant has matted black hair and brown eyes. He wears modest garments and a wide-brimmed hat. Carries a satchel.

  • Djemi – 40ish Male Human Fighter with black hair and amber eyes, and a distinctive scar on his face. He wears scale armor and wields a short sword and heavy shield with a symbol of Horus.
  • Sobe – 50ish Male Human Priest/Scribe is heavyset, with braided brown hair and blue eyes. He wears fine clothing and a holy symbol of Thoth.
  • Awehun – 30ish Male Human Craftsman has long black hair and hazel eyes. He wears modest garments and a wooden holy symbol.

Notable Locations:

  • Shrine of Nut
  • Big Fin Inn

Latest News

  • Another 4 months of Rebuilding Phase.. the Hill Giant threat has people staying close to town.
  • The town needs help protection from bugbear/hill giant encounter still on the farms and housing in 3-6 mile proximity of Kawa.

Recent Events

  • Nomarch has come to town.
  • This town was hit by a Tomb King Attack Squad. Town reports boats with resurrected corpses and enchanted humanoids. Rumored a Mummy Mage with Tomb Scorpions were present.



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