Welcome to Prime Material Plane of Rusta

Rusta is based off of the TV movie, White Dwarf. As much as its a rural planet that doesn’t revolve around its axis and therefore is divided into contrasting halves of eternal day vs. eternal night. The Brightside and Gloomside respectively.

The current player base is in a time-frame that the humans have just reestablished themselves on to this plane after a unexplained catastrophic event. Egyptians and Greeks have nations based here.

Named Fey on this plane are powerful. Baba Yaga, The Bramble Queen and on are at least demigod status based on the Primal Order System Other primal based deities are limited in the power and influence they can place in Rusta.
Humans are not native here.

A Little Personal History:
This campaign is based in on my campaign The FreeRealm. The FreeRealm multiverse was created in the 80s when I met Peter Adkison and Steve Conard and consisted of pre-3e rules. Rusta is a way for me to playtest 4E rules without having to change my old campaign.


Rusta 5E

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